Zakynthian Evening


  • Traditional Greek food and free flowing village wine will be served
  • Entertainment will be provided by live musicians and Greek dancers
  • The chance to try Greek dancing 

A firm favourite for many people returning to holiday in Greece and all newcomers, are the ever famous Greek evenings. Food, wine, dancing, family, new friends, people of all ages relaxing and having fun with a great atmosphere. We will arrive at the venue at around 20.00, which is in a classic setting and provides an authentic atmosphere to get you in the right mood to enjoy an unforgettable evening. Once you have been seated, traditional dishes will be served, adults can wash it down with lashings of the local wine (watch out as typically local wines are a bit more potent), children can chill out with their juice, and of course the next day enjoy telling everyone what the adults got up to. You will be entertained by Greek musicians and dancers during the evening and possibly be asked to join in and try a bit of Greek dancing yourself. At the end of evening around 23.00 you will rejoin your coach and be taken back to your resorts.


  • Meal Starter: Tsatsiki (Garlic, cucumber and yoghurt dip), spinach pies, cheese pies, stuffed vine-leaves, sausage pies, and Greek salad.
  • Main Course:
  • Mix of pork souvlaki and roast chicken with oven potatoes
  • Vegetarian options – Stuffed tomatoes or spaghetti Neapolitan
  • Dessert: Fruits of the season or a traditional Zakynthian sweet
  • The meal orders will be taken on the evening on board the coach.
  • Free flowing village wine for adults
  • Unlimited juice for children (All other drinks: beer, water and soft drinks must be paid for by the guests)

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*pola wymagane

29100 Zakynthos, Greece


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