Zakynthos Island is located in the Ionian Sea, to the west of the Peloponnese peninsula.

The island covers an area of 405km2 and has around 40 000 inhabitants, however, around 300 000 tourists visit it every year.

The Island is a very popular holiday destination mainly because of the beautiful scenery it offers wild nature, steep and dramatic cliffs, white and golden sand beaches, and crystal clear turquoise water. Those, who are also looking for some fun and entertainment, will not be disappointed either, as Zakynthos is known to have a bustling nightlife with a great variety of bars, pubs and clubs.

Before becoming a part of Greece, the island was under Turkish, French, British and Italian rule and all those influences had an impact on the architecture, cuisine, and dialect of Zakynthos.

Unfortunately, only a few of its old original buildings have still remained, due to a severe earthquake in 1953.